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The End of the World

The End of the World is such an interesting concept that millions, maybe billions have thought about it at least once in their lifetimes. Why's that? I have some reasons.

1.) People's lives are too boring.

2.) Will we still have McDonalds and Del Taco after that?

3.) Where do we go?

4.) I-need-to-sound-smart-because-I-will-suck-otherwise.

Incidentally there are a lot more reasons, but for the sake of LJ's servers I won't do that.

Well, the end of the world is a pretty cool idea. What would we do? Where would we be? Will I get my money back from that scumbag who sold me that vaccum cleaner $50 above the real price before it all goes to hell? The outcomes are so varied that we could spend days pondering over those few questions. And there's also the issue of where we'll end up after that.

Perhaps the only real thing that we can learn from this is that if a huge rock is heading towards us ready to snuff out our lives, we have to finish up what we need to do, what we're currently doing and what we want to do next. Hey, you have five minutes until everyone loses their memory, why not do something you'll never do? It's not going to haunt you anyway.


1.) RotK: How You Felt (I had to put this in)

2.) UFOs

3.) School In General
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We have a saying out here in the land of rockslides - If you're crushed by a rock, it's your time to go :p