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Okay, I'll bite: Pajamas

I'm morally and vohemiantly opposed to pajamas. Why should we have to wear something while we're asleep? Society practically forces us to be clothed all day long, and finally when we're in the comfort of our own beds, they expect us to wear MORE clothes? And not just clothes. Cute litte novelty clothing with adorable animals like frogs and cats and duckies.

I think the explanation as to why we're somehow expected to wear PJ's is clear. Big Brother is watching us even beneath the sheets, and it's a bit unnerving. Word to the wise. Take a bat and smash up and down the length of your bed before you go to sleep. Miss ye not a single inch!

Kay, next:
Mushroom soup
Eyebrow Plucking
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Pah, EC.
Pajamas rock,. It's what I wear whilst in chat. Clothes suck. Pajamas are comfortable. Clothes aren't. Thus we should wear Pajamas all the time!!!!!!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
Isn't it PYjamas?