Ishy (ishamael88) wrote in webbed_freaks,

First post!1 for me

I have never liked reading all the rambling 'exquisitely' crafted posts here. Also I didnt know how to post ;p

Be that as it may..this place is dead. I like dead places, dead people too. They don't judge you. You don't feel like they may be lying to you. They dont look fair and feel foul. They're just foul, decomposing all the way. I shouldn't doubt people. Wrong wrong wrong

One of you was gonna mention Warhammer. Well thats nice. There's this rather new addition to the Warhammer 40 000 armies. The C'tan and the Necrontyr. Basically your basic Undead. Well in this case Undead robots. The C'tan are star-consuming energy entities. Basically Star vampires. I like the fluff. And since thsi place is dead i can say whatever the hell i like ;p
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