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I was checking this thing every day and noooooo one posted, so I stop looking and guess what happens? :-p
I pick Ghost Stories. Not that I have a lot to say about those, but anyway.

I love ghost stories. And they scare the shit out of me :-p
It's a completely irrational fear, I'm 24 years old and a university trained scientist, you know, I shouldn't be afraid of the dark :-p
But oh yes I am.
I LOVE reading ghoststories online. And I know I'll get scared and wonder why I read them. But I still go on. Preferably when I'm home alone :-p

You see I just love stuff that can provoke a lot of emotion, such as genuine fear :-D

Ummmm next up ...
1. housecleaning.
2. The 'end of the world'
2. chauvinism
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