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Computer Games

As you all know, games have been around ever since man was toilet trained. We have our marbles, our chess boards and our... ahem, Tab A and Slot Bs. :p

In the modern age however, computer games are the most popular forms of gameplay. With it, you can drive a car, crash into somebody else and noone gives a shit. Well, some parents would give you hell, but who in the right mind would play GTA right in front of them?

But I digress. Computer games have been proven to be an enjoyable past time, so much that most players obsessed with the game would not eat or sleep, just to get their character to that near-impossible level, or just to shoot that SOB to get a cool weapon.

Computer games have one major advantage that other hobbies do not. It gives you the chance to learn how to do stuff in real life.

Driving? Who needs driving lessons? Play a few games of Need For Speed and you'll learn eventually. Intruders in a house? No worries, you've played CounterStrike before. Can't manage your money properly enough? Get Simcity, or some other game cooler than Simcity with money involved.

Also, computer games are known to cure minor illnesses with a snap of the fingers. Or rather, with a jab of the button A. Headaches, Stomach pains, Aching limbs will all disappear once you've started a game of Quake. You'll feel lucky that you have such minor pains when someone gets blown up on screen.

So, there's really no question that computer games are a benefit to society. ADD? How the hell do they get ADD when hours of concentration are required just to kill that stupid boss monster? Killing tendencies? They'd rather have a massacre on screen with noone giving a shit rather than going out an getting put in jail just by slamming the resident hot headed bastard on the table.

In summary, computer games are good. Really.


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