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The Best Estrogen You'll Ever Know !!


OK, Ski, you killed it! :-p

Here I go again trying to resurrect this nice community :)

People say breakfast is the "most important meal of the day" well, I THINK NOT!
Breakfast is over-rated, my friends! I don't eat breakfast. Ever. It's a waste of time!
In the morning, I get up and get ready in 15 minutes, immediately leave to school. I don't have time for this "breakfast" nonsense! I go to school and I don't really feel hungry, I eat when I come home which is around 4-5PM, and I feel just fine. Throughout the day I don't feel like I'm gonna faint or anything :-p
Nobody "needs" breakfast, it's just a waste of time and an excuse for Americans to eat more and get fattER.
However, like all cons there is a pro to this "breakfast." Brekfast is good. It tastes like heaven on a dish with much syrup and salty stuff. Mmmm... omelets :-D~~~

Next topics:
1. A woman's body
2. A man's "package" ;)
3. Cookies :-)
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