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Fine, Fine, if you insist

I chose.... "Smoking"

Well, about a year ago I was completely and deliberately against smoking. I used to beg anyone who smoked to stop because they would die sooner. I was one of those people who purposely coughed really loud for you to stop smoking. Then I met lotje. And LB. And then I realized smoking is cool. All cool people smoke. Like Danny from "Grease." So, I decided to try a smoke... one day.... and since then I have been an addict.

Smoking is bad. My Mommy told me it was. And I believe it. It gets your teeth yellow and your lungs go gray. SO, I am glad lotje stopped smoking. Sure, now she's not as cool as Danny from "Grease" but why the fuck would you wanna be someone from a movie with a title like "Grease"?

Topics to chose from:
Ear Wax
Vaginal fluids
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