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First of all it's shaving :p

I'm very much against it. Ppl should be natural - Hairy! Sexy! Ok maybe not.

Seriously, I don't care whether guys shave their body parts or not (erm... cept armpits, coz that's just gross), actually I was shocked to know some of them do, like Yammy... Oh and if any of u do too, I have a friendly advice - use wax. It's faster, more effective, and the non-hairy existance lasts for longer . About girls... well, I don't care, as long as I don't date them. Coz if I do, I'd like to date a girl, not a gorilla.

New subjects:

# Chinchilla, freaky abomination.
# Cooking.
# What do u think about Pip :p
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Yam shaves his Armpits? :P
Nice topic there Nari, I'll let someone else go next. :P
No, everybody should shave armpits, but he shaves his everything else too. Ask him :o
I don't know if I want to...
and no, not everyone should :P
I don't and wont
Agreed. Guys should not shave their armpits! ::shakes head::
Ok... *me deletes Pip and Molk from the "ppl to have sex with" list* :p
Well Fuck, that just ruined my day. Now I'll have to find a girl with less discriminating tastes.

Anyway, someone should do the "What do you think of Pip" topic :P
Yeah, I'm very picky about guys :o/

Lol, u capitalized the "fuck" word :p
I like the word Fuck, it's such a great Fucking word, so I like to Fucking capitalize it. Yup Fuck is quite the Fucking word all right, it has so many Fucking uses, really it's fan-Fucking-tastic.
Meh I don't care what other people do with their hair. I have no problem with guys who shave whatever.
For myself, I don't like hair, so it goes. Eyebrows and eyelashes can stay. And well currently the hair on my head can stay too. But only for a little while :-p