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Let The Webbed Freaks Take The Strain

The Plan.

We turn 'Webbed Freaks' into a sort of virtual soapbox. (A temporary platform used while making an impromptu or nonofficial public speech.) We give our opinion on random subjects. It can be serious and up for debate, humourous or just plain idiotic. Too long have our brains been shut down so we can take mundane quizzes! (We'll still take the quizzes, of course) it doesn't have to be about current events, you only step in when you have something to say. No pressure. No bullshit. Let me explain.

I'll start us off by setting the first subject, you'll read it and one of you will post a new entry expressing their opinion/thoughts/etc on that very thing. Anyone can then comment on their entry to start a discussion on the matter. The person who hath given us their opinion will also post a new subject for another member to do their thing with. You might wanna give a few possible topics so people can choose the better one. Simple, no? Okie, I'll give an example;


Molk_Is_Hot Says:
The subject is 'The Way Women Are Represented In the Media'

Omilicious says:
y0 y0 y0, word! Methinks women wear too many clothes in da TV. Quit illin' and start chillin' mah boyeeeeee

What do y'all tink 'bout 'Human Influences on Vegetation'? Represent.

Pip-Dawg says:
I don't know about flowers and crap but what I do know is weed. We have to let hash fulfill it's true purpose in life. We got to take the toke so the environment don't choke. Shit, man. I've been working on a way to help the herbally impaired communicate across divides of geography and culture. I just need a hot Asian chick, 2 tin cans and some string.

Next subject = 'Junk food' or 'Michael Jackson'

And so forth. it would be better if you were more detailed than the examples above but it's up to you. Only one person should post a new entry for a subject, the rest of you should comment on their post.

If you're willing, let's get this thing started. To anyone who has an opinion;

Subjects to Choose From:

  1. Mobile Phones

  2. Jackie Chan

  3. Sex Before Marriage

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